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Ultra Wave Media 

"Justice Is A Right Not A Privilege"

Client: The Cochran Firm



“Justice” Commercial Spots

Written by Gregory Everett for Ultra Wave Media


Spot One- The Porch

 The camera slowly pushes in on the front porch on a middle class block. A Mother is on the porch seeing off her fourteen-year-old son as he heads to the store for her. She finishes telling him what she needs- “and some milk, eggs, -” Her son pulls up his Hoody as he runs off “I know, and some paper towels. I gotta’ hurry up and get back before I miss the game.” He runs off. As the camera ends it’s move on the door, the mother gives him a loving look before she goes in the house.


The camera sits still on the door, we see the reflection of blue and red police lights. Off camera were hear policemen. Freeze! Stop running! Show us your hands! Opening the door, the Mother reappears to see what all the commotion is. The camera pushes in to an extreme close up on her face. All of the sudden off screen we hear- GUNSHOTS!


Fade to black. Voiceover: Justice is a right, not a privilege.


Spot Two- The Hospital

 An African American group of family and friends are gathered outside of the emergency entrance of a hospital. Brian Dunn arrives and addresses the Sister who points to the entrance. Brian rushes inside and in the hallway he sees the Mother who sits being consoled by the Father. The Mother tells Brian “They won’t even let us in to see our boy”. 


Cut To: Brian hands the doctor a Cochran Firm business card.


Outside of the emergency entrance the Mother has joined the group of family and friends. Brian comes out and announces, “He is going to be alright”. The people rejoice.


Voiceover: Justice is a right, not a privilege.



 Spot Three- The Courtroom

 The camera pushes slowly through an empty courtroom. Brian Dunn delivers the narration straight to the camera, speaking on the fact that most law firms do not actually like to go “all the way” for their clients (narration will be a rewriting of the “End Of The Day” KJLH spot). The camera ends on Brian as he continues to deliver his lines.


We cut to an extreme close up of Brian as he walks to the attorney’s desk delivering his last line- “The Cochran Firm will take you to trial to get you the settlement that you deserve.” As we follow Brian we realize that the courtroom is now full. The jury and the bailiff are in place, onlookers sit in the gallery, and Brian joins his client.


Brian: “Justice is a right, not a privilege”



Spot Four- Pictures

 A White Man in his 40’s sits in an office sadly starring at a recent picture of him and his wife in a photo album. A compelling voice over explains-

“When a hospital, insurance company, or even law enforcement…”His wife slowly disappears from the picture.


A Latino Man and his Wife, sit on a couch staring at a photograph of them and his daughter– she slowly fades out the picture.

VO continues: “are responsible for the loss of a life, it is not just about one death.”


A White Woman stares at a framed photograph on the wall of her home of herself and her Black Boyfriend.

 VO: “That injustice affects an entire community.”


He slowly fades out of the picture, leaving her alone. She looks sad.

Voice over- “That is what Johnny Cochran taught and that is what the attorneys that work here know.

Justice is a right, not a privilege “


SHOOT DAY ONE: Sunday September 18, 2017 


Location One

4Hearts Studios

15751 Roxford Street Studio A,

Los Angeles, CA 





































































































Location Two

Home In South Central Los Angeles Location not chosen as of yet

Possible Locations

Possible Porch #1- 2825 Potomac Ave LA CA 90016













Possible Porch #2- Leimert Park

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